Welcome to Openshells. Our goal is to provide free unix shells as a service. We have been providing free shell accounts since 2000.

We are a technical group of people building a community for others who share common interests in technology, Linux, programming, science and other geeky things. Openshells is a great place to start if you are looking to learn more about Unix and Linux. We strive to create and maintain a community where members feel welcome. To start the signup process click here or follow the link to signup in the sidebar.

Our servers are located around the world: Germany, Netherlands, Panama, USA, Canada and other locations.

Some of the admins and founders are:

IRC Channel Moderators:

  • pierrot
  • vijaikumar
  • Outlastsheep (Fiestasheep)
  • naz

OpenShells provides IRC bouncers and Linux/BSD shell services to the community. You can also host a small personal web page. The shell service is used for learning linux, screen/tmux and irssi/weechat.

We do not allow tunneling or running other services from our shell servers. If you do build enough of a reputation (good...) and are interested we will provide access to servers with fewer restrictions.

If you break any of our written or unwritten rules you may be banned and have your account permanently removed with little or no warning. We have not had to enforce this much due to the good community of folks who are members of OpenShells.

Free Shells - By red-pill

Red-Pill.eu has an awesome list of free and paid unix shell providers. Many of our members have asked why we are not listed. Listing is voluntary and we just didn't see the reason for a long time. But tping has given in and listed Openshells. Check us and other free shell providers out here: http://shells.red-pill.eu/index.php?a=in&u=tping


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