How to Vouch

Here are some important things to know about vouching.

  • Usage: !vouch username (if you don't know their signup username, try !noobs or !who or !info)
  • Do not vouch for someone who hasn't validated their email yet. Only the users in !noobs have validated their email. If you have doubts, try !who nickname.
  • A user can't be vouched for until 48 hours (2 days) have transpired after activating their email.
  • An existing member can't vouch for their first month.
  • Only existing members can vouch for a new user.
  • You vouch for the signup username, not the IRC nick. You can get the signup username by typing !who ircnick in #openshells.
  • Only vouch for people who you trust.
  • Only vouch for people who seem to be active and will return to the channel.
  • If you vouch for someone and they abuse the system (hacking, breaking rules, being a troll in the channel) your account can be suspended or your vouching privileges taken away. So don't vouch for everyone.
  • Don't vouch for someone just because you saw an admin or someone else vouch for them. Try interacting with them first.
  • If you know someone from another channel and like them, feel free to vouch for them and state why.


Some key points to remember about negvouching.

  • You can also !negvouch a noob or member trying to get an account. Negvouching will lower their score by 1.
  • You can do this twice per member.
  • This is used to prevent abusers from getting an account.
  • A negvouch need not be permanent. If you change your mind about a user you can reverse it with a normal !vouch.
  • Do not !negvouch people for fun. Since it is a method to segregate the abusers, it sends out a wrong message.