A few of our rules.

  • Do not port scan any host on the internet from any Openshells server or host.
  • No torrents of any kind. Downloaded, stored, clients, etc.
  • Do not store any illegal or questionable material on any Openshells server. This means warez, .torrents, pornography, etc.
  • Do not run or keep software for DDoS, trojans, backdoors, viruses, etc on any of the Openshell servers.
  • No tunneling of any kind is allowed.
  • Do not share your shell or IRC account or password.
  • Do not use any of Openshells services for profit.
  • Respect others.
  • Don't be naughty.
  • Visit the IRC channel.
  • Do not park your bots in #openshells channel.
  • Help other members.

Rules subject to change at any moment.